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We (the founders) excelled in high school and found classes to be a joke. We therefore didn’t develop any work or study ethic and spent most of our time playing hacky sack and sword fighting with meter sticks. We somehow made it into business school and were both perfectly mediocre and that is why we are stuck running a business that loses money like crazy.

We hope to one day grow Brokinis enough to cover our MASSIVE cryptocurrency losses and hire a golden retriever as a receptionist, but we have no idea how to run a business so that seems pretty unlikely at this point. We like dogs and strawberry daiquiris and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

If you want to learn more please go to the Brokini Product Page and click “Add to Cart”. Then purchase 5 Brokinis. Cheers

Why did you start Brokinis?

Chad and Taylor founded Brokinis with three goals in mind. First, to create a fantastic new bathing suit that would grab attention and help those less endowed look more schmedium. Second, they wanted to try to make enough money to cover all of their losses from other companies they have started. Finally, they wanted to cure Diabetes. So far only item number one has been achieved.

How did you come up with the idea?

The inspiration for Brokinis came when Taylor met up with Leo DeCaprio and inceptioned Chad. Chad was the only one with the drive to create such a magical one shoulder bathing suit for men and he had to believe the idea was his own.

Where did the name Brokinis come from?

Brokinis comes from a mixture of the Latin and Greek words meaning cute and schmedium. We also wanted to get the point across that this is not your average male bathing suit.

What next?

With goal number one achieved Chad and Taylor are looking forward to breaking even and working towards curing Diabetes. They estimate it will take forever to complete this goal. If you want to help, please buy a Brokini and then buy more for all of your friends.


Brokinis on Dragons' Den

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