• The GI Bro Brokini
  • The GI Bro Brokini
  • The GI Bro Brokini
  • The GI Bro Brokini
  • The GI Bro Brokini

The GI Bro Brokini

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  • Shoulder sling draws attention to your dong
  • Makes even small weenies look schmedium
  • Perfect for fun in the sun and getting a weirdass tanline

Happy Customers, Disappointed Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I stuff my brokini?
Answer: YES

Question: Are Brokinis good for the environment?
Answer: Yes, they will make everyone around you more happy.

Question: Can girls wear Brokinis? 
Answer: It's 2020, I don't see why not, please buy 5

funny men's bathing suit

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Material Information

Brokinis were designed with high end athletes in mind. Due to its tightweave™ and lightmetahex™ stitching, it is guaranteed to add 6 seconds to your PB or have no effect on your performance whatsoever.


Made in South Korea

Machine wash in cold water and hang dry - don't worry, it won't shrink like you do.

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What Moms Are Saying

Taylor's Mom

★★★★★Reviewed on August 15th, 2020
"Taylor I wish you would stop wearing stuff like that. It's so weird"

Chad's Mom

★★★★★Reviewed on August 15th, 2020
"Chad please remember to call your Grandma on her birthday next week"

bathing suit with shoulder strap
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